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Here are of some of the features offered at TextGeek.com:

MMS Messaging Access

The newest advancement in Text Marketing. With our new MMS Messaging Service you can include images, videos and music with your outgoing text messages. It is used on a commercial basis by media companies as a method of delivering news and entertainment content and by retail brands as a tool for delivering scannable coupon codes, product images, videos and other information. Unlike text only SMS, commercial MMS can deliver a variety of media including up to forty seconds of video, one image, multiple images via slideshow or audio plus.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword Campaigns are one or multiple words that describe your business, service, product or a recommended direction. Generally when a customer texts in your chosen keyword you will reply with a premade response. These responses can be a coupon, call to action, event notification, free products and more. The choice is entirely up to you on the message your customer will receive.

Toll Free Numbers

The Text Geek Text Marketing Service now offers Toll Free numbers for our customers to use on their Long Code Keyword Campaigns.

Viral Campaigns

The Viral SMS Campaign is an extremely powerful, patent pending process which allows you to grow a very large SMS list in just a short period of time. A subscriber will start out by texting in a keyword to receive a simple coupon, say 10% off an order. This would be the ‘Campaign Message.’ Then, right after the subscriber receives their 10% off coupon they get another message explaining that if they share this coupon with 10 friends they will get 25% off. If they want to participate they simply need to reply back with your ‘Share Keyword’ to start the Viral process. The subscriber will receive a secret code which they will then ask their friends to text in to the same phone number the Viral Campaign is apart of. If 10 of their friends text in, they’ll receive your ‘Winner Message.’ The best part is, not only will all 10 friends receive the original 10% off coupon just like the original subscriber, they’ll also receive the message asking if they’d like to share this coupon with their friends for a better deal. The Viral SMS Campaigns are very powerful, we suggest you review them in detail in the Training Materials.

Lead Generation Programs

The Prospector Module is used to set up Lead Generation Campaigns. Businesses with inventories such as used car dealers or realtors can use this type of campaign to generate a lead from an interested party. You can use one phone number for many items in inventory. An auto dealership might put an ad in the paper for example: Text the auto stock number 261 to 555-123-1212 to take a Virtual Test Drive of this Lexus RX310. Each car on the ad would have its own stock number. The text message would give the viewer a link to a virtual test drive of that specific car. The Auto Dealer would receive a notification that someone is taking the tour. Realtors can use the MLS number of the property to give a virtual tour.


Coupon Campaigns are probably the most popular Text Marketing Campaign. You can have customers text in a keyword to subscribe to your Text Marketing List and have them receive a coupon by Text Message. You can set an automatic expiration date for any number of days after they subscribe. When you send out a coupon to your Subscribers you can set a limit of how many times each Subscriber can use the Coupon and how often. For example, a Subscriber can get a free dessert with Coupon Code Dessert that they can redeem a total of 3 times with a limit of once every 7 days or more.


Contest Campaigns allow you to run a continuous contest where every X number of subscribers will receive a special message which could be a coupon or details on how to claim a larger prize. Enter the number of subscribers that must text in before someone is considered a winner in the ‘Winning Number’ box in Step 1 of the Contest setup. For example if you want every 10th person who texts in to this campaign to recieve a coupon, put 10 in the ‘Winning Number’ Box. Then, every 10th person will receive the ‘Gift Message’, and the other 9 subscribers will receive the Non Winning Message.

Random Winner Generator

Let our software automatically select a Random Winner for any of your Contests. You will be able to select a Winner from just one campaign or have it choose a winner from a pool of multiple campaigns.

Trivia and Polls

Trivia Campaigns are helpful for not only creating engaging and fun trivia contests, but they can also be used to conduct Polls or take Surveys. In Step 1 of Trivia Campaign setup you will be asked to create a ‘Welcome Message’ which a user will receive when they first start the campaign by texting in. You’ll also need a few extra messages such as the ‘Correct Answer Message’ and the ‘Wrong Answer Message’. These messages will get shown to the user if they get a Trivia question right or wrong respectively. Trivia Campaigns have a lot of extra options that really allow you to customize this campaign type to be able to do a lot of different things.

Loyalty And Punch Card Programs

The Loyalty Campaign is a great way to get customers in your door over and over again. This campaign type replaces the traditional ‘Punch Card’ deals you see at convenient stores and gas stations where the clerk punches a hole in a card for a customer whenever they make a purchase. You will come up with a list of secret keywords that are each only active on one given day. In order to find out what this keyword is the customer must come into your store (or make a purchase). When they receive the secret daily keyword they text it into the number you chose for this campaign and a ‘punch’ will be put onto their number. Once they receive the correct number of ‘punches’ they will receive the ‘Winner Message’. For more details on how to implement a Loyalty Campaign, please see the training materials in your customer dashboard.

Short Code Access

Short Codes are becoming more popular and now YOU can take advantage of them. With your account you will receive access to the Text Geek Short Code Number: 69696. This means you can advertise your list by telling your customers to just “Text PIZZA to 69696″. You need to get your account soon though, each keyword is only available once per Short Code. Get your perfect word NOW before someone else does!

Broadcast Scheduler

Schedule your broadcasts to go out whenever you want, weeks or months in advance. Set something to go out every Thursday to remind people of your upcoming weekend specials. Remind your club members of a monthly meeting the week and days before. You can really do anything you can imagine.

Seating Notifier

You can use the Text Geek Text Marketing System as a Seat Notifier for your restaurant or other business with waiting times. Registering them in the Seat Notifier Campaign can also automatically add them to your customer subscription campaigns. You can also use this module to schedule a follow up text later that night to ask them how the meal was or offer them a coupon if they come back in a certain amount of days.

Smart Phone Admin Access

Many of the features in this program can also be accessed and ran from your cell phone. This means you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to send out a text blast. You can do it wherever you are right from your phone.

Training Videos

You will have access to the training videos and pdfs in your customer dashboard. We also run a help desk to help when needed.

QR Codes

The Text Geek Marketing System creates QR Codes for all of your ShortCode and LongCode Keyword Campaigns right in the Control Panel. Just click to save the QR Code image and paste the image into any of your publishing software programs. This is great for making Table Top ads to get your customers to join your Campaigns while they are sitting at your tables.

Online Web Forms

Let your customers subscribe to your Campaigns right from your website with our handy integrated web forms. Just copy and paste the provided code and you are ready to go.

Add Credits, Phone Numbers & Short Codes As You Need Them

We offer several different Text Marketing Packages so you can find the Package that best suits your needs. You can also add text credits, phone numbers and Short Codes “a la carte”. If you have a big promotion or contest one month just order the extra services you need without having to step up to a higher monthly Package.

Rollover Credits

Your unused Text Credits will rollover each month you don’t use them. This will be a big help to you when you are starting out and building your Text Marketing Lists.

Subscriber Lists and Usage Reports

Your Control Panel gives you access to everything in your account, and can also be fully accessed through your cell phone. You can see your entire subscriber list and have it broken down by which Keyword or other Campaign they joined your list through.

Import Your Current Subscriber List From Other Systems

If you already have a subscriber list that you have built in another SMS Platform you can import that list into our system and start using all the features we offer. You must be able to create a .csv file for your current list to be uploaded. Please Contact Us through the contact form if you plan on importing your list so we can give you more information.