This is not just for restaurants!  Any business can use this.  If a customer leaves something with your business to get repaired (computer, car, watch) or needs something done that takes time (prescription filled, cake decorated) then the Text Geek Notifier System will be the perfect fit for your business, and help your business grow.

The Notifier System is simple to use and can add a whole new way to market your business.  The Seat Notifier System is designed to look great on a cell phone or a Tablet placed on the reception desk of your business.  The only things you or the customer have to do is enter their name, cell phone number and what they are having done, or any note or information you want.

The system displays a list of all the customers that are waiting to be notified.  When the customer needs to be notified you just need to put a check in the box by their name and send them a pre-formatted Text that their item is ready.  You can also send the message as a Voice Message if you would like.

The REAL POWER of this system is what happens after the customer gets their item (or table).  The Text Notifier System can send a follow up text, after a certain amount of time you choose, asking them if they were happy with the service your business provided.  You could also thank them for using your business and offer them a coupon or discount if they return to your business within a certain number of days (that you choose).  You can also have them added to any of your Text Marketing Subscriber Lists so that you can continue to market to them in the future with the rest of your list.  Your customers will also have the ability to opt out of your lists if they want to.