ViralThere are only a few Text Marketing Software Service Providers that have the technical capability to offer Viral Campaigns. If they do offer this service it is usually for an additional monthly fee of up to $100 per month. Text Geek offers this service with all of our Packages.

Viral Campaigns are one of the Features of the Text Geek Text Marketing System that can really help EXPLODE your business and your text marketing list.

Viral Campaigns reward your subscribers for sharing your information with their friends, family, co-workers and anyone else they know. This can put your business in front of people you may have never been able to get in front of before. Let’s walk through a short example to show you how it works. Let’s say your business is a pizza delivery business. Here are the steps that would happen:

1. Joe Smith sees one of your ads and texts the word PIZZA to your phone number to receive your offer of 20% off his first pizza by showing the text to the delivery driver.

2. 2 hours later the system sends a text to Joe “How would you like to get a FREE pizza? Just share this offer with 10 friends and your next pizza is FREE! Text SHARE to get started!”

3. After Joe replies with SHARE he will receive a code to share with 10 (or any number you choose) other people.

4. Joe will receive a text every time his shared code is used. The text will also include how many more he needs to receive the offer.

5. After Joe reaches the required number he will be sent a Winner Message that shows him how to collect on the Special Offer. You can also set the system up to send you a message by text, email or robo call to tell you that you have a winner.

6. From there you can also set up a series of messages sent out at any interval you want to Joe.

Each of the people that use Joe’s shared code will also receive the same offer to share a code to receive the Special Offer. This is where your list can grow exponentially.

You will be able to use any keywords you want and set expiration dates for the offer. The Training Video inside the Customer Dashboard will walk you through how to set up your Viral Campaign.

Here is the training video that is located in your Control Panel. You may have to turn the audio up.